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This is, by far, my most favorite thing about wash day. It gets my scalp nice and clean without being harsh. I will never be without it. Also, Jackie is one of best! Her customer service is top notch!


This is my second purchase of the Powerhouse Protein Cream. I have fine, low porosity, but incredibly dense hair, and it has just exactly the right ingredients to give my curls perfect spring and bounce. I will continue to repurchase, as I have not found another product that comes close to the performance of this cream. I highly recommend if your hair is similar to mine.

Crystal P

I have tried so many different brands and systems to get my 2C-3B medium thickness hair to be bouncy and soft. So far, Miribel Naturals is the only product line that gives me that. I get great definition and slip with the flaxseed gel. The cleanser is gentle, but effective. I absolutely love the protein cream. The curl cream does a wonderful job as well. Overall, my favorite curly hair line to-date!

Jennifer Strickland

If you are on the fence like I was to try Miribel Naturals, don’t be! This stuff is everything it claims to be. As soon as I scooped a bit out and started to squish it into my hair, I know this was going to be an amazing washday. It have such slip and softness. I paired it with the protein treatment (which is also amazing).

Kelly Colson

This hair cream is a delight to use - perfect texture that is easy to distribute, providing essential moisture and enhancing curl definition without weighing down your curls. It also pairs well with many different stylers!

Deb Goldsmith

I absolutely love the versatility of the hair cream. I have used it as a rinse out, a leave in and even a styling product. It leaves my hair so full of moisture and soft. It’s hard not to keep touching my curls! Your products have been an absolute game changer for my curls Thank you for all you do. 🙏🏽

Andrea Sprague

I was pretty wary of gel, but this stuff is INCREDIBLE!! It doesn't matter how much or little I scrunch into my hair, it always creates a beautiful cast, holds the curls, reduces frizz, and can easily be scrunched out without any flakes or crunchiness. I've reordered twice so far and will continue to in the future.


Miribel Naturals’s flaxseed gel gave my curls the shine and hold they needed. I applied it after the curl cream and my fine curls were light and had staying power. I didn’t need to use very much of either to get all-day hold. Great product!