3 Questions to Ask BEFORE a Curly Cut

3 Questions to Ask BEFORE a Curly Cut - Miribel Naturals

As a curly girl or guy, getting a haircut can be scary. We've all had our fair share of stylists who didn't know how to cut curls, were too afraid to cut curls, or cut our curly hair as if we planned to straighten it forever.

But, what if I told you there is a way to cut curls so they looked...good! Yes, I'm talking about a cut that isn't just for straightening your hair after, or by a stylist who isn't afraid to get in there. It's called a curly cut!

But wait...what is a curly cut?

A curly cut is a dry cut. During a curly cut your stylist will fluff out your hair and shape each curl one by one...think of it as a sculptor chipping away at their canvas. Cutting curls while they're dry keeps your curls in their truest forms and takes out the guesswork of how much your hair will shrink up after being washed.

In most cases, curly cuts are layered so the curls cascade down in a rounded shape. Buh-bye triangle hair!

Now you may be wondering, "should I get a curly cut?" A curly cut is best done on clients that wear their hair curly most of the time. So, if you're thinking, "I wear my hair curly ALL the time!" then, my friend, it sounds like a curly cut is for you!

Now, let's revisit the thought, "I can't trust anyone with my hair. NO ONE cuts is right!".

We get it. We've been there. It's scary AF trusting a stranger with your precious mane. But as it becomes more and more normal to wear your curls naturally, more and more stylists are being trained on all types of curly cuts with all types of different products.

To make things a little less scary, here is a list of some important questions to ask and things to do before scheduling your curly cut appointment.

1. What certifications does the stylist you are interested in have?

This is extremely important to know. There are different methods to cutting curly hair. Some methods focus more on definition. Some focus more on volume. Some are better suited for tight curls. Others work well on looser curls.

Stylists should also have continuing education in curls. Those who don’t continue their curly education don't usually understand what curls need. This then leads to lack of trust and frustration for you as a client. Ask the front desk what certifications the stylist has, and remember seek out their social media portfolio to make sure you like the way they cut and the types of hair they are used to.

2. Will the stylist be cutting my hair wet or dry?

Although there are many different methods your stylist can use to cut your curls, knowing whether or not it will be done wet or dry gives you insight into their understanding of curly hair. When curls are wet they are stretched, which would make it easy to forget how much shrinkage is involved and where the curls will actually lay once styled and dry. When curls are cut they should generally be cut in the most natural state - dry untouched hair. When curls are dry you can see exactly where they will fall. This allows the stylist to easily identify where to cut so that those curls are shaped perfectly.

MOST curly certifications teach stylists to cut curls dry.

3. How does your stylist want you to come prepared for your appointment ?

Be sure to ask if this was not addressed in the initial phone call or online booking when making your appointment. Most stylists want to see your natural texture with minimal product and no other manipulations!

Coming with your hair in a bun or manipulated with different protective styles could prolong the process since the stylist won’t be able to get a true sense of how your hair looks and feels. After all, your curly cut appointment is typically to address concerns you have with your hair, whether that is styling, product recommendations, or shape. The stylist can typically come up with solutions right during the consultation if you come following their specific instructions.


Finally, always remember to keep an open mind!

It’s important to be patient with your hair and the stylist. It can take months to see progress with your curls and a year or two to fully understand your hair needs and how to properly care for them. Understand that one appointment with no follow through at home can not reverse years of damage, stress, and buildup.

Sometimes true change can take a while. In the end, it will all be worth the wait...especially when you have hair you always dreamed of!

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