The Brand Story

Hey sunshine! Thanks for stopping by! Do you have a minute? I want to tell you the story of Miribel Naturals.


One day in March 2018, My Soigne was born. Yeah, I know, this is a story about Miribel Naturals. But, in order to give you the full story, we have to jump all the way back to the beginning. To before we were called Miribel Naturals.


Miribel Naturals was originally called My Soigne. I wanted curly hair products that had clean and simple ingredients, and that were easy to use on wash day. I kept searching and searching with no luck. It seemed impossible to find products like that on the market.


Finally, I decided I needed to create my own products. My kitchen turned into a labratory, with experiement after experiment of different ingredient combinations. The first two products created were the Creamy Hair Cleanser and Dreamy Hair Cream. After seeing other curlies facing similar struggles, I decided to share my products, and My Soigne was born! Shortly after the Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel was created and all was going well.


Fast forward to 2019. I became the mom to my beautiful baby girl. During this time my hair changed. Instead of having my usual big curly hair, my hair was wavy and fine. I also lost a chunk of hair from post partum hair loss. Now, I had a problem. I had designed My Soigne and the products around curly hair. It took losing my curls to realize how exclusive the brand was, and how our message was impacting others. My biggest concern? How only boasting about curly hair would influence my straight hair daughter as she got older. We just weren't fitting in with our own brand anymore.


This is when we knew something had to change.


So, here we are. In October 2021 we made the big switch to Miribel Naturals. My Soigne was a curly hair brand but Miribel Naturals is a healthy hair brand. I believe that everyone’s hair type is normal and beautiful. And everyone deserves to feel empowered by their beautiful natural hair, no matter the texture.


Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I can’t wait to see you rock your fabulous hair. Because healthy hair looks the best on you!


Til next time,

Miribel Naturals

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