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Protein Duo
Megan McKerr
Awesome company that makes awesome products!!

I have splurged to add these amazing products to my line up. The first bottle arrived damaged but the response was immediate and resolved the issue without hesitation! I am a fan for life!!


My curls were popping tight with this cream! Soft curls, great for brush styling! My hair loves protein and this cream does not disappoint!

Dreamy Hair Cream
Lisa Luciano
My curls love this cream!

I’d tried many different creams, etc for my curls - but this is the one my curls love!

Cleanser Duo
Angela Bradish
Love the products!

Love my hair using your products, iv told a lot of people abt them including hair dressers, relatives & friends. My daughter got me hooked on your products, my color lasts longer, my hair is happier & so am i!!!!!!!!! Thanks


This smelled nice and hair felt soft but it would be better for thinner hair that doesn’t need weigh down.

Love this!

I have been using this product for a couple years now and my hair loves it! It's light weight enough that it doesn't weigh down my hair and my hair loves the protein it gains from it. This is my first purchase since the company changed and I'm loving the new packaging! It's way easier to measure out the amount of product you want and you don't have to deal with twisting lids on and off with wet hands! Definitely recommend!

My granddaughter said they were okay. But the next day her hair didn’t work as well.

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Jennifer Beaulieu
Not for me

I heard so many good things about this cream but unfortunately I had a strong allergic reaction to it. There is something in the product that my body does not like. Not for me.

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
Deborah Phillips

I've used the gel twice and am pleasantly surprised. Nicely defined curls and no frizz. Of course it's winter, so I want to see how well it keeps down frizz in summer. I am also quite happy with the Power House Protein Cream which was my first purchase. It convinced me to try more products. I've only used the Creamy Hair Cleanser once. My hair is so so thick that it takes almost a half tube to cleanse my scalp so I'm still reserving an opinion on it. So far 5 stars on all except the cleanser. And I love that they're natural products and they are CLEARLY labeled so I can see them in the shower without my glasses.😊

Powerhouse Protein Cream

Protein Duo
Connie Thomas
Still Experimenting

Definitely need the protein - just experimenting on the amount to use of the protein cream. Have used the flaxseed gel for while - a consistent gel for my curls!

An absolute must have for my hair to be happy!

I love this product! My hair has transformed using this! I love it! Thank you so much for making this!

Moisture Duo
Kory Foster

Moisture Duo

Protein Duo
Simply Amazing!

My hair and curls have never looked healthier. Thank you Miribel for making this wonderful prodcut.

Love it!

This rich protein packed conditioner leaves my hair soft and smoothes all the frizz.

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Happy curls!!

Love love love this product!! . I use it every wash day and my curls are so soft and bouncy.

Love it

Received the pink diffuser and it works very well. It dries my hair very well without messing with my curls and gives it much volume. I would buy it again.

Great stuff!

I struggle with dry, flaky scalp, but many cowashes weigh my curls down and create instant buildup. Not this one! It's is a really great and unique product, make sure to follow the instructions on the back for the best results.

Love it!

Soft and comfortable while keeping my curls intact. ❤️

I love this hat!

I used to wear collapsible ear warmers to keep my curls intact during winter weather, which worked well for my hair, but I always felt cold. I finally treated myself to this beanie and I'm so happy! And WARM! I look forward to wearing this beautiful hat because of the color and the satin lining. Plus, I can keep my curls intact without freezing. I love it.

Moisture Duo
Kathy Anderson
Great products for dryer, frizzy & curly hair

I struggle with holding curls after washing & Miribel makes my hair very soft & manageable. Still struggle with holding curl but it is much better using Miribel.

Amazing CoWash

This is a great cowash that does an excellent job cleansing the scalp and hair. Everything feels soft and clean after. I reach for this on days when my scalp needs extra attention and during winter months when I need extra moisture. I love the natural ingredients in all MN products. My hair feels healthier when I use them. I deducted one star only because I have to use a lot of the cleanser for my very thick long hair, which makes it pretty expensive 7 oz per bottle.

Wonderful cleanser!

This duo really hit the mark and works wonders on your hair!

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Brittany Budden
Best hair treatment ever

I love this conditioner. I use it as a rinse out 1-2x per week, but I could use it every time I washed if I wanted to… it is nourishing without weighing down hair. I just like to alternate it with the moisturizing conditioner.

I have naturally mid-to-light brown hair with blonde highlights. My hair texture is pretty average, but I have a ton of hair. I struggle with breakage due to the color treatment and pulling it back a lot. The protein in this product has really helped reduce the breakage and strengthen my locks. It also makes me hair look and feel so silky and smooth. I blow dry my hair to straighten it with a round brush most often, but even when I let my hair air dry, the texture is smoother and softer when I use this product.

I also have really sensitive skin and this conditioner/treatment doesn’t both me at all.

Dreamy Hair Cream
mary ann kempner
a so so review

I switch products so often it is hard to give it q honest review.