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Powerhouse Protein Cream

Powerhouse Protein Cream


I tried the Flaxseed Gel for the first time about a month ago. I was so impressed that I wanted to try the Va-Va Foam as well. I've been using the Va-Va Foam for a couple of week now and really like it. Three pumps is enough to squish into my wet hair on wash days and 2 pumps on damp hair for refresh days to give me nice thick curl clumps. I top it with the Flaxseed Gel for extra hold then diffuse until dry. I get bouncy, frizzy-free and consistent results each time without feeling like my hair is coated. I can honestly say that my search for the ideal products is over! Thank you Miribel Naturals!


To the customer who was seeking advices, I have the same problem. Lots of products just sit on top of hair. Untill I discovered adding lots of water to the product and allowing my hair to soak that up too. Revelation!

Flaxseed gel

I love the gel it’s self! It holds my curls without the crunchy feel. I am giving it a 4 because of the packaging. I hope they change the packaging. The lid didn’t close all the way and I lost half of my brand new bottle in my drawer. I think a pump would work better.

One stop hair gel

I should start by saying that I rarely write reviews. For years I’ve been trying to find the right gel and styler for my 2C/3A curls. I have finally found it with this flaxseed gel! I am a busy working mom so I need something that’s quick and reliable and always enhances my natural curl pattern. It takes my frizz and so happy that I’ve found ‘my one:)’.

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
Amazing product, wish I would have tried this sooner!

I've always had crazy curly hair and for years I've tried straightening it because I could never find a product that didn't leave my hair crunchy, weighted down or actually did what it was said to do. I just tried this product and it's utterly amazing! Pleasant scent but not over powering or chemically smelling like all the others. Made my curls pop, very light weight no crunchy feeling and I'm so pleased! Smooth yet, bouncy. Don't think I'll ever use any other curl product again. If you've got curly hair, this is a must have!

Love it!

I am so happy with it! I’ve noticed a great difference in my hair since I started using it. I will definitely be repurchasing it.

Love my curls!!

I LOVE all of them! my curls feel soft and healthier with les frizz, and they’re more defined.

Bouncy for Days

Great product! Lots of bouncy and shine. Hair feels so healthy!

Looking for à routine for my waving/curling hair

I use the products but not really convinced. I tried protein cream+flaxed gel or protein cream + foam+ flaxed gel. After applying the products my hair feels dry to the touch, they seem sticky and the curls are not well defined. I have thin hair and I 'm always afraid to put too much product. I also have a lot of frizz. I follow you on instagram and I try to follow your styling advices but...

Thank you for your message perhaps could you give me some advices.

Powerhouse Protein Cream

My hair LOOOOVES this protein cream! I have high porosity, type 4C hair, prone to dryness and lots of frizz. It's so hard to find things that work well for me. This cream is the bomb. It really defines my curls like nothing else, and dramatically reduces frizz. It's literally the best thing I've ever found for my hair. The ONLY complaint I have is it's a little pricey, so I can't use as much as I would like.

Flaxseed gel and powerhouse protein cream

First thing, I wish the flaxseed gel came in a pump! It’s a looser consistency and I can’t leave the cap open to set it down in between applications. I will be transferring it to a pump when I can. I’m still playing around with it, but I’ve preferred it for refreshing so far. It doesn’t have a lot of hold on it’s own for me. That being said, the powerhouse protein cream was a WIN! It will be replacing a previous protein cream I used. I can use it as a leave in and for refreshing. My waves bounce up with protein :)

Love it!

Va Va Volumizing Foam is the best product especially for curly hair!

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
Jaime McCormick
Works well., Although very watery

The gel works well for me. I just wish it was thicker so it didn't come out as fast and drip through my fingers. I feel like I waste some due to this. What does get in my hair works well. Doesn't leave my hair sticky or crunchy. Holds well without weighting my hair down. I have fine curly hair.

Love it!

Good product that brings out my curls from being frizzy.

Fine Wavy Game Changer

LOVE the protein cream! My fine waves and curls feel thicker and healthier with less frizz, and I adore the natural lavender scent!

Flaxseed Gel

I love this gel !! It is indeed silky & smooth but it powerfully reduces frizz !
Thank you:)

Protein Trio
Dilma Suazo

Very natural products and amazing results
I love it !!!!

Protein Trio
Melanie Clay
Excellent products, as always!

I am a repeat customer, and there’s a reason why I always come back. I especially love the protein products for my fine hair! I recently went through a big life upheaval, and when I ran out of the leave-in cream, I didn’t reorder it immediately. When I finally got around to it, my hair was really suffering. During my first wash using the protein leave-in again, I could immediately feel the life coming back to my dry, damaged, neglected hair! I love this stuff!

Cleanser Duo
Samantha A

Great product and smell. It works fantastic with my daughter's hair after the different products used to maintain her curls. I love how it refreshes her hair every time.

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
Stephanie Brown
Great gel!

I have wanted to try this gel for awhile and glad I finally did! I have fine wavy hair that gets weighed down easily. This gave my hair nice definition without weighing it down and refreshed well the next day. Very happy with my purchase!

Dreamy Hair Cream
Ilene Smith

Dreamy Hair Cream

A Curls bestfriend

I ordered the protein cream for the first time. I have used and loved the cream and gel and I. Fact have reordered these products. I love how they make my curls defined and help to eliminate the frizz. I live in Michigan and the humidity can reach 90%, these products work amazing in my hair. I highly recommend trying them. My daughter uses these products and loves them also. The frangrance is light and smells natural, not heavy.

Best Foam Ever!

This was the missing piece to my routine. I have had all other products for some time. Have tried many volumizonf products and this is my absolute fav!