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Creamy Hair Cleanser is fab!

Love it! Gentle and my hair feels clean and soft.

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Andi Nicole Horstkotte
Love it!

It is a MUST for my curly hair !

Love it!

This is lightweight enough for my fine hair and packs a punch of protein! So great!

Dreamy Hair Cream
Melanie Clay
Dreamy hair cream IS a dream!

I use the Dreamy Hair Cream religious for my wash days and refreshes. My hair responds so well to this product, and it works perfectly with the flaxseed gel. I’m so happy I found this company and their products!

Not for me.

I wanted to love it. Fellow fine haired curlies recommended this gel as a favorite. It just left me fluffy. Zero hold. I tried using a lot. I tried using a little. My hair did feel nice, not producty. It is just not for me. I reached out for advice but I got no response.

Dreamy Hair Cream
Andi Nicole Horstkotte
Still loving it!

Been using this for a few years now and still love it and will continue to use it! My curls are happy

Microfiber Towel
Sharan Theed
My soigne towel

Nice size very soft washes lovely every time very pleased and excellent service from jackie

Favorite Gel

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel is my favorite gel to use. It has the perfect hold and works as a great refresh also. It smells nice, but not overpowering and feels great in my hair.

Got tangles? Buy this!

I have very long, fine, highlighted hair that tangles easily. The thought of detangling in the shower used to make me procrastinate wash day. My hair LOVES protein and this conditioner can cut through the worst knots. I let a handful sit in my hair for a few minutes and then work through sections with my Tangle Teezer thick & curly brush. So much less painful even when I have a ton of fallout to brush out. I rinse it out as I brush, then add a tiny bit more after as a leave-in. It plays well with everything and isn’t too heavy!

Best shampoo for my psoriasis!

I have pesky scalp psoriasis that’s triggered by propylene glycol (it’s in so many hair products!) and I go pretty long between washes to avoid drying my scalp. This shampoo is LIFE CHANGING. I no longer get burning, itchy plaques all over my head and the flakes that fall on my shirt are soooo much less since I started using this. My fine, highlighted hair LOVES apple cider vinegar and it helps prevent hard water buildup. The shampoo doesn’t lather and I have to use A TON for my long, dense hair but it’s so worth it. You don’t have to scrub and scrub for it to clean. It also seems to somehow help tangles too, even though the grittiness makes my hair feel “dry” as I’m washing. I would buy this by the gallon if I could!!

I love this product

I found this product on the Think Dirty app.... and it's SO good. everyone must try! I'm going to tell all my friends about this brand. thank you thank you

It’s fantastic!

The flaxseed gel combined with the protein cream is delicious! It’s a perfect balance of hold and softness.

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Happy Customer
Just what I was looking for

I work in a kitchen at a small restaurant and this is my go to after a double shift. It gets that "french fry" smell out of my hair and leaves it feeling clean but also really soft ❤️ I usually follow with a deep conditioner. I bought the Powerhouse Protein Cream and I've used it as a deep conditioner and also as a leave in conditioner (not in the same wash) they're my favorite products in the shower rn. My hair loves them! I will def purchase again.

Love these products!

I’ve been using Mirabel/MySoigne products for a while now, and they work so well with my hair! I especially adore the flaxseed gel. If you’re on the fence about trying these products, you should definitely try them!

The Best Cream Cleanser!

I've been struggling with sensitive, dry, itchy scalp for a while and nothing seemed to help. Most cream cleansers did not work for me because they would somewhat relieve my dry scalp but did not actually clean my hair. But THIS, this cleanser really surprised me with how well it cleansed and relieved my dry/itchy scalp. I massage it into my hair and wait 5 mins like the directions say and voila! The combination of ingredients are just perfect! I'm so glad I found this! Thank you Jackie!

My Hairs Best Friend!

At first I was hesitant to try this because my hair doesn't like products with glycerin, but because my hair loves protein, I had to try it. Now, I don't think my hair can live without it! This is exactly what my hair needed and I love it! It gave me a balance of protein and moisture and because of that, my hair stopped breaking and started growing! On my lazy days, I use it as a leave-in and air dry and that's it, my hair does not become frizzy or dry. If I want more definition and hold, I combine this with the Silky Smooth Flaxseed gel (which I also love).

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Catherine Hovind
New favorite leave-in!

For reference, I have 2b-3a curls and waves with medium density and medium porosity. My hair loves protein, so I knew this would be great for me. It's highly concentrated, so a pea-sized amount is just right and it gives excellent slip. I'm also happy to report that the scent is very light and doesn't linger. This cream is the perfect base for a great wash day!

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Cindy Holman
Love it!!

I love this cleanser! It gets my scalp clean without drying it out - and it smells so good!

Excellent product!

Creates silky firm curls without weighing your hair down! Well worth the price as you only need a little product!

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Samantha Boergert
The best

Love the way it makes my hair feel clean but not stripped and tangled

Afraid To Try It

I did not realize when I bought this that it uses wheat protein. I have Celiac disease and I avoid gluten completely. Even the slightest bit makes me terribly ill. Has anyone like me tried this?


Love this cream for my fine curly hair! A little goes a long way!

Glycerin hates my hair !

Please don't use this on your site. I am one of those that can't use glycerin no matter how small. It not only poofs my hair but goes against anything trying to curl. In fact how do I return a product?

Good cleanse

This is my first time using a co-wash type product on my hair. I gave my scalp a good massage, conditioned just up to mid-length and styled as usual. I was very happy with the results. My hair was soft and not weighed down, and I love the natural ingredients.