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Dreamy Hair Cream
Allison Polls
Not for me

It unfortunately doesn’t work for my hair so that’s why I rated it a 4 star. I have curly coarse hair & silver hair coming in. It unfortunately weighed my hair down. I love my flaxseed gel but this is not my forte. I gave it away.

Powerhouse Protein Cream

Love the slip of it and how it made my curls pop more


Everyone was right, this has just the right amount of hold and doesn't leave my hair gross, flaky or too stiff. Will definitely use and recommend to curly friends

Great for refreshing

I find that the foam gives me great volume when used as a refresher on dry hair

Cleanser Duo
Dalila Lopez
Amazing 🤩

I started using Mirabel Naturals in April and I'm absolutely impressed by the quality of the products! All natural and they actually work!!! This cleanser takes the itch and dryness away from my scalp!!! Give these products a try! You won’t be disappointed!


I LOVE this gel!!! Game changer!

Moisture Duo
Nina Krifuks

Moisture Duo

This has fast become one of my favorite mousse! Not only is it a clean product, but it works amazing combined with gel.

My favorite gel, not packaging

I have been using this gel for years. Nothing compares! It provides a sculpted curl and can easily be loosened up by scrunching without creating flakes or completely losing shape. The hold is a perfect medium strength. I want the old packaging back. The tube hole gets crusty and if I squeeze too hard gel shoots out the bottom of the cap.

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Allison Stitzer
Best products

I've ordered 3x now. All of these products are worth buying. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Jenny ODonnell
Love this!

It’s my third or fourth time buying this and the protein cream. I love them both. My hair feels so clean afterwards without any suds.

Sudsy for the win!

I’ve been working on resetting my hair to natural for a couple of years. Mirabel Naturals has been a go to the entire time, but gosh do I love this foam. Rather than slathering on endless amounts of gel to hair that gets weighed down, I add enough of the foam to make my hair slightly sudsy then micro pop before drying; way less weight on my curls. It’s also amazing for a refresh.

Another winning product!

Love it!

This gel really works well and makes my curls pop! Absolutely love it! Will definitely be getting more!

Great Product!

Love the product for my unmanageable curl. Great year-round product.

worth it!!

i’m very picky when it comes to hair care. i’ve tried a billion different products. i use this protein cream as a conditioner in the shower and then add a bit extra once i’m styling as a leave-in. i’m gonna be honest, i was super skeptical at first but it is SO worth it. my curls feel more moisturized, moveable, and they last longer between washes!! def buy this product. it’s one i’ll buy again once i run out :)

Va-Va Volumizing Hair Foam
Olivia Henderson
Awesome product!

I’ve using this in combination with the silky smooth flaxseed gel and it has really helped to enhance my waves/curls!

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Bethany Gillihan

So hydrating! I added to hair before brushing and it helped with brushing my 3b curls so much! I love how bouncy my hair feels once it’s dry!! This product is great I use it with the flaxseed gel!

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
Bethany Gillihan

My curls are defined not weighed down not crunchy! I love this gel!

Soft, springy curls!

Best curl enhancer I've ever used, and ingredients are safe for my hair!

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Christine Cutrone
great products

Makes my very dry hair soft and when coming it out in the shower, very little hair comes out.

Protein Duo
Best products ever!!!

I have fine curly hair and nothing works as well for me than this range. I have some damage and with my fine hair it can be so hard to find products that work. For me the search is over because the powerhouse cream with flaxseed gel works amazing and I get curls for days! 10⭐ from me❣️

Amazing. Best curls I’ve ever had. I use with the gel after and this gives me the volume and bounce while the gel gives definition. Perfect combo.

just what i needed

my hair is wavy and protein sensitive and doesn’t look great with hard hold so this is exactly what works best for me. it’s my HG gel right now! makes it shiny and healthy looking too and easy to brush through and refresh. no build up even when reapplying for a few days.

I wasn't sure

I wasn't sure I was going to love it but I do. I actually got better definition than I can from curl creams and has volume for days!

Powerhouse Protein Cream

I love this conditioner. I use it as a leave in followed by the Dreamy Hair Cream and the Silky Flaxseed Gel. It really gives life to my fine curls, and they are more defined.