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It coated my hair and made it feel dirty.

Cleanser Brush

Cleanser Brush

Love this product!

These products make my hair feel so soft and shiny. With the addition of the protein cream, my hair has never looked better. I loooove the flax seed gel and hair cream too! Definitely repurchasing. 🙏🏻

Products that work great and feel great!

My favorite Maribel products are the silky smooth Flaxseed gel and the Va-Va volumizing foam. Together, they keep my curls happy and defined without looking “wet” or frizzy.

It is working out great!

Not for me

I bought the cleaner, cream and va va volumizing foam but did not like it. Made my hair feel dirty after use. Tried just the cleanser and cream but had the same feeling afterwards.

Powerhouse Protein Cream

Best hair

I love all the products that I have bought from this company my hair has less tangles and falls in gentle waves. My hair does not dry out either!

Great products

Great products. Quick to receive. Works well and hair feels really soft when using. Concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Dreamy Hair Cream
Alex Shenk

I decided to just try them all and so far I have nothing but amazing things to say about these products!!


I’m enjoying everything I have ordered. My hair is also enjoying the pampering.

Excellent! Love this hair cream.

Love it!!

My hair loves protein. This is the first protein product that I used and my hair came out with perfect spiral curls with no frizz. I just used it as a wash out conditioner and I did need that much.


I started down the Curly Girl Hair journey and flaxseed gel was the first type of gel I tried. I loved it but I wasn't about to spend hours making it from scratch. When I ordered from here it was an automatic win. Especially being that you don't have to refrigerate it. A little goes a long way too.

Had high hopes but products fell short. Save your money

I really wanted to love the flaxseed get especially and the cream but it made my hair extremely dry and brittle once my haor dried. I also purchased the protein cream conditioner which I used as a deep conditioner and washed it out before applying the cream and gel. It was just ok. Protein conditioner seemed to define my curls when wet but I am not sure how much strength and protection it is giving me in terms of protein. My hair actually looked less shiny and healthy after using these products. I will continue to use the products until they are finished since they are SO expensive. You do not get much product in the bottles and my hair is thick so I use a lot at one time. I think for the quality that these products provide you're better off finding a less expensive options. I do like the packaging.

Love it!

I love these products. It would be great to have them in bundles that are travel-sized!

Transformed my 3b curls

The shampoo, protein cream and the hair cream transformed my 3b curls. I use the protein cream as a conditioner/detangler. After, i shampooed and conditioned, I use the protein cream and the hair cream as a leave in/ styler with air drying and I have great curls for the week. I don’t have to touch my hair for the week with these products. I also don’t get build up. Yes, there is frizz throughout the week because I don’t retouch my curls but I’m not “I need perfect curls” kind of girl especially when it’s day 4 or 5. In my opinion, that’s excessive. Overall, love these products. Worth the money.

Not What I’d Hoped For

I bought the Flaxseed Gel (and hair foam) on another curly haired gal’s recommendation. I’ve been using it (both) for a month now and I’m not planning to purchase them again. Simply just not happy with results, or lack there of. Plus the gel is thin and leaks out of the tube when stored cap down.

Amazing curl products!

I love these products especially the Foam!!! My hair is in love!

Love it!

I purchased the whole kit and after using it for a month and a half my hair feels so soft and healthy. I have shoulder-length hair with wavy hair.

Efficiency in Action

The products are amazing and very efficient in protecting the hair quality and bringing out the natural curls, loving it

Love this product

Loyal Curly Gurl

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miribel Naturals! I order ahead so I Never run out!

Powerhouse Protein Cream
Jaymie Bickford
Not impressed

The product kind of stinks, the website was the most disappointing though. They had me do the quiz to recommend products. It recommended 2 conditioners and a moose. Being a normal person I thought it was a cleanser, conditioner and moose. (The have different names like Protien Power and stuff like that) I contacted them because I got what was recommended which was 2 conditioners and they didn’t offer me to send one back to get the cleanser or a refund or anything. To top it off I’m really unimpressed. Not the best in my opinion for the price and hassle. But maybe I was just rubbed the wrong way from the lack of help with the mix up!

Love the shampoo

I love how the shampoo feels on my scalp and in my hair when I wash. It’s so soft and moisturizing. And it feels so silky while it rinses out.