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Favorite Refresh Product

The Dreamy Hair Cream is my top refresh product. For day 2 or 3 curls I use a dime-size amount with some water and smooth it on my curls. They revive with no frizz. I love that this product can be used as a conditioner or a leave-in.

It's just incredible! This is what you need for curly hair!

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Elizabeth G.
Best Hair Cleanser!

The creamy hair cleanser is the only product of it's kind that has left my hair soft in the shower -- it's amazing! The dreamy conditioner and flax seed gel are also great. I also appreciate the volumizing foam -- a little goes a long way.

Not my favorite

I tried the VaVa foam and the Protein cream. Neither worked out well for me. They are expensive and do not work as well as the other brands I have been using. I will not purchase again.

Love these products!

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Erin Eppstein
My curls look great!

I love how my curly hair looks after using the creamy hair cleanser shampoo. No conditioner is needed and when paired with Miribel flax gel and hair cream, my hair feels soft and the look lasts for several days without the need to fuss with it.

Love the satin lining and the space inside the beanie, which allows for putting my hair up in a bun if I want to protect my curls. The length also covers my ears, which is a must!

Dreamy Hair Cream
Jeanna Michaels
Total Hair Transformation

This is an amazing product 💖 my hair was so dry and frizzy I was at my wits end. I used this product as a leave in and my hair was totally transformed, bouncy, shiny, and zero frizz. I absolutely love these products.

Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
Samantha Boergert

Wish you made the product size in bigger options

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Valerie Steele
Great curls

I have been using this for awhile now. Its my second tube, the first one I wasn’t that committed to it, but now I am committed and love the way my hair feels and curls. Give it a try.

Cleanser Brush
Rosalie Almas
Miribell products

I Like how my hair looks and feels after shampooing and conditioning . I however need to shampoo twice because the shampoo does not suds up, and is gritty. That means I would need to buy it more frequently. which I don't like. The volumizing foam is great except for the smell. I keeps my hair from frizzing to much and leaves me with soft curls. The gel is very runny and pours out too fast.
I have only used the protein conditioner once. I feel like it makes my hair heavy?
and like I need to wash it out.

So glad we tried these products

These products are bringing my daughters curls back to life

Works amazingly well!

The cleanser doesn't seem like it is working very much when I apply it, but when I wash it out my hair looks amazing! I love the protein conditioner and then I use a dab of the dreamy conditioner as a leave in. My hair hasn't looked this great in a long time!

Satin Lined Beanie
Emilia Nilsson


Love it!

After only one use! My hair is rather long, & WAS feeling dry at the ends! Not so, anymore…thank you!

Dreamy Hair Cream
Emilia Nilsson

Dreamy Hair Cream

Creamy Hair Cleanser
Rosalie Almas

I am not fond of the sent of the volumizing foam but it works well

Wonderful curls

I’m loving all my new products for my curls especially knowing that they don’t contain harmful chemicals which I’m always very sensitive to. It took a while to get my order because of many people took advantage of the great sale his past November. But indeed they’ve been great and my hair feels soft.

Great quality!

Loved the after-feeling and the smoothness!

Dreamy Hair Cream
Emily Lisak
love love love

I’ve made two orders from Miribel and am never disappointed. The dreamy hair cream is always exactly what my curls need 🤍

I reviewed the products on my last review. I don’t know how I feel about the products yet

Just wonderful

I’m loving using my new curly hair products which finally arrived. My hair feels soft and looks great. I’m always looking for products that don’t contain harmful chemicals and ingredients. Thank you so much for sharing your invention with us. Definitely will let others know where to find quality hair shampoo, conditioner and gel. I love the fact that the conditioner can be left in if desired and doesn’t cause any harm to my scalp.

Dreamy Hair Cream
Elizabeth G.
Love Miribel Naturals!

I just started using Miribel! I have wavy hair and I really love the results with this brand! I definitely would recommend.

Straight hair review

I ordered this at someone's recommendation that it was good for ALL hair types. I have been using it for a few weeks now, (which translates to 6 or so washes), and here are my thoughts:

I still need to use a different shampoo every time. I love the hair cleanser, but if I use it by itself, my hair still looks greasy. My hair has no curl, and is just generally oily quickly. I love love love the scalp scrubber, though! Best part of the shower.

My favorite part of this product line-up (I ordered the full package) is the protein cream, followed up with the flaxseed gel and the va-va-volumizer (I am sorry if I am messing up the names). When I use all 3, then put my damp hair up in a messy bun, it actually has some curl when I take it out the next day! I have never had volume or any kind of curl second-day with other products. At least not past the first 5 minutes. It feels great to be able to actually do something with my hair and get some volume. Also, I use only the smallest amount of each product, and it works very well!

I don't use a blow dryer, I just towel dry, scrunch the product into my hair, and let it finish drying while I go about my business, so it holds a bit less shape if I leave it down first day. But it still has more volume than usual, so I call it a win.

I definitely want to keep using it, but I am going to keep trying to figure out how to get it to work best with my hair. I love that it doesn't have all the junk that other hair products have in them. Being a person who does very little with her hair daily, I think I still have a lot to learn. I am pretty sure that these products will be a regular part of my hair care moving forward, though.

I'm not a fan of the hair cleanser, but I do love the rest of the products.
I tried different ways to use the cleanser per Jackie but have had no success.
Support is great thanks