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Always vegan, clean ingredients that are natural and you can read. Only ever tested on consenting friends and family.


Our products are made highly concentrated on purpose. The reason being it allows you to manipulate the product for your hair type.
Depending on your hair type, we usually hear the products can last anywhere from 4-6 months, when used regularly.

Best Quality

We only highlight ingredients we use in plenty! For example, flaxseed extract (aka gel) is our 2nd ingredient in the Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel, listed only after water.
Our Powerhouse Protein Cream boasts 2 amazing protein sources within the first 6 ingredients with additional strengthening and reparative ingredients as you go down the list.

Small Batch Sizes

We are a small business so our products are made in small batch sizes. Why is this a big deal? Because with each batch we do quality control. Product only gets listed on the website after I personally approve the batch.

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I grew up HATING my curly hair.

I envied anyone I saw with straight hair. Anyone with hair that didn't stand straight up when it got a little humid outside. Anyone who didn't have to sit through agonizing hours of their mom running a pick through their hair to "get all the knots out".

Yeah. I thought I was just cursed with bad hair.

Because that's been the narrative for so long. Frizz and curls = bad. Silky and straight = good.

It took the better part of my life, hours of time spent at salons, lots of dollars thrown out the window, and lots of chemicals on my scalp for me to realize this was not the way.

Because if I couldn't love my true self, curls and all, did I really love myself at all?

In the end, you know what I learned?

My hair is NOT bad. It's not just frizzy, or poofy, or wild.

It's just not straight and should not be cared for like it is.

My hair doesn't flourish with traditional, daily shampoo washes.

It isn't happy with lots of silicone based conditioners or hair sprays.

It will never reach its full potential without proper styling techniques.

No, my hair isn't bad at all. It just needed to be cared for like curly hair.

That was why I decided to create Miribel Naturals in the first place. To make products that enhanced my natural curls to their full potential - without any harsh ingredients or chemicials because girl, my scalp had enough of that.

I spent hours after my day job researching ingredients and how to formulate. I still have flaxseed gel on some of my chairs from flinging it around in pantyhose stocks trying to strain the seeds out.

My poor husband put up with it all!

But now, I can honestly say my hair has never looked better. It's never been happier or healthier.

Not only that, but we have over 800 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews.

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