Miribel Naturals Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel
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Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel

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Our Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel is here to glide its way into your styling routine. It’s medium hold will have you grooving all night long!

🌼 Promotes hair growth and elasticity by containing ingredients like Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, copper, and Vitamin E.

🌼 Provides a flexible hold and light cast.

The Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel is rated 1 on Think Dirty. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. Color Safe.

Apply the Silky Smooth Flaxseed Gel to wet or damp hair to style. For best results, use after applying the Dreamy Hair Cream.

water, linum usicatissimum (flaxseed) seed extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, polyquater­nium-10, panthenol, sclerotium gum, lavandula anguscifolia mill (lavender) flower oil, tocopherols (vitamin E), phenoxyerhanol, sodium benzoace, potassium sorbate

Use within 1 year of opening for maximum Miribel magic! Does not need to be refrigerated.

Customer Reviews

Based on 291 reviews
Andrea Spiro
First Time Flax Seed User

I have 2a/b waves, very fine, low density and silver hair. I have used this flaxseed gel several times now and love the shine and softness it gives my hair. I am still perfecting my "wavy routine" but I really like so far.

Gina Petry
Best anti frizz gel …

Yet! It works!! I will continue to use!

Life changing

First ever product review! I’ve been a product junkie and insecure about my (3a/3b, thick/dense) curls for as long as I can remember. 2 months ago I cut my hair short and threw away all(!!) of my products in favor of the Miribel Naturals line. I have never felt so free and happy, and neither have my curls. The flaxseed gel is the icing on the cake of the line; it adds tons of shine and just the right amount of hold. Plus I don’t have to worry about the gel being “damaging” to my hair as it is packed full of lovely ingredients. Life changing and liberating for me. 10/10.

Lisa Mulkerin Carey
Almost perfect! 4.5/5!

I really LOVE this gel. I wish I could give it a 4.5/5 (it deserves more than 4 stars, for sure). It isn’t heavy and makes for good curls; I just wish it had more hold. In order to get what I want I need to still use a strong hold gel, but then I get weighted down. It’s an amazing product if you haven’t tried it yet.

AmAnda Melton
Love the gel, be careful with the lid

I love this gel esp in the winter months. Be cautious to make sure you fully close the lid. I apparently didn’t and the gel leaked out. I lost about 3tbsp of product