5 Reasons You Have Frizz and How You Can Fix It

5 Reasons You Have Frizz and How You Can Fix It - Miribel Naturals

We all have those moments.

Your hair is extra frizzy and you can’t figure out what is going on. You’re using the products you always use, doing the things you always do. But still, it WILL NOT go away.

Don’t stress too much because there is ALWAYS a solution. It just takes some troubleshooting!

Below are 5 reasons your curls may be extra frizzy, and what you can try to solve the problem.

REASON 1: You need to clarify.
Too many times I see curlies talk about their frizz and which styling products they are trying to solve the problem. That may help temporarily, but if you have too much build up on your hair, no styling product can help you. In fact, that will just make it worse by layering on MORE build up. Instead, treat yourself to a nice, thorough wash day.

You’ll most likely want to use sulfates to get a nice, deep clean. Alternatively, a clay mask should do the trick. The main thing we look for in a clarifying shampoo is a high pH. The higher the pH the more it'll open your hair cuticle, allowing for all the dirt and build up to come out. However, the higher the pH the more it will dry your hair out.

Because of their high pH, you don’t want to use shampoos that lather TOO often. Doing this can also lead to unwanted frizz.

For curls that tend to be dry already, one-two times a month should do the trick. Deep conditioning after using a shampoo is essential to keeping that mane moisturized.

If your hair is not already dry, gets build up easily, or gets weighed down easily, you may want to try once a week.

REASON 2: Your hair is in protein overload.
Too much protein can sometimes be a bad thing. It can make your curls dry, crispy, and FRIZZY. If your hair has been feeling this way, you may want to rotate out your current products for some products that have more moisture based ingredients. You can also try deep conditioning.

We LOVE using our dreamy hair cream for wash days where our curls crave moisture and need a break from the protein.

REASON 3: Your hair is in moisture overload.
I know, I know! I just said too much protein can be bad and now I’m saying too much moisture can be bad! It’s a balancing act, but don’t worry, your hair will ALWAYS let you know what’s up.

If your hair has been feeling a bit limp, and lifeless, maybe has a soft halo of frizz, it’s probably in moisture overload. And moisture overload, just like protein overload, can lead to frizz. To solve this problem, try rotating in products with protein or trying a protein mask.

We use our powerhouse protein cream when we need some protein in our lives!

REASON 4: You are styling on damp hair.
Styling on damp hair can definitely lead to frizz. Our hair needs water to stay happy and healthy. When we apply our styling products we are sealing our cuticle, making it difficult for moisture and hydration to enter our hair strand after the styling process. If we style on damp hair, we are sealing in...well, the dryness.

Instead, try styling your hair while it’s soaking wet. Styling on soaking wet hair will seal the cuticle of your hair while your hair is the most hydrated from water. This will not only get rid of unwanted frizz, but will also give you more defined, shinier curls.

REASON 5: Your sleep gear needs an upgrade.
Sleeping with a satin pillowcase, scarf, or bonnet is ESSENTIAL to keeping curls looking fresh in the morning. Without one of these items to protect your curls, the friction caused by your hair rubbing against your cotton pillowcase and sheets will cause unwanted frizz.

We love using our satin scarf to protect our curls while we sleep. We also have one to wrap around the headrest in our car to keep the friction at bay while driving!

So that’s it! These are just a few reasons why your curls may be extra frizzy, and a few ways to start the troubleshooting process. Drop a comment if you tried any of these tips and noticed your frizz go away.

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