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Satin Scarf
Satin Scarf

Satin Scarf

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Here’s the lowdown - the friction from your sheets, pillow, and blanket can lead to breakage. What a bummer!

The good news is, we’ve got brand new satin scarves to take those worries away! Protecting your hair at night can lead to better next-day results. And who doesn’t love an extra 10 minutes of sleep? 

Our scarf is 35 inches x 35 inches (90 cm x 90 cm).

Customer Reviews

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Satin scarf

I love using this scarf to scrunch out the crunch. Leaves my curls full but defined. Beautiful print and great quality!

Takes some getting used to

I bought the scarf aspirationally, after buying a bonnet and finding it to be too hot at night and hoping the scarf would be a little cooler on my head for sleeping. It definitely helps preserve my curls but it is difficult to wear comfortably at night. It kept slipping off my head and the knot would be leave a mark in my forehead. I think there is a way to make it work, I just haven't figured it out yet because the material and design is perfect and fun!

Miribel Satin Scarf

It's all about size here, many options for styling and sleep protection. Highly recommend!

To die for…

I adore this scarf. It’s ridiculously soft and silky as well as it’s huge! Perfect for smoothing out your crunchy curls or to use as a head wrap for protection of your curls. It’s so pretty too! Love it.

Satin scarf

I luv the size. It feels so luxurious

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