5 Tips for Creating Volume

5 Tips for Creating Volume - Miribel Naturals

Why do we love big hair? It keeps our ears warm. It muffles unwanted noises. You can even hide things in it. Of course, the main reason is that it looks so good! Let’s all picture our favorite style icon with voluminous hair.

But, how do we achieve it? Many of us might not have natural volume, and it ends up looking frizzy. We’re here to help you pump that hair UP, while maintaining the frizz. Read on to learn our 5 Tips for Creating Volume.


It’s easy to just let your hair dry as is. We do a quick hair routine and run out the door. But, by doing this, your hair is drying flat against your scalp. We suggest using clips to lift your hair while it dries.

Make sure your hair is halfway dry to start. Lean over and gently push the clips in towards your scalp. By doing this, you allow your hair shaft to dry while propped up. Chillax for 10-20 minutes, then remove the clips.

When you remove them, your hair will remain in that position. This is similar to how you get waves when you braid your hair while wet.


We all love having giant curl clumps. It’s our main goal during wash day, right? The bigger the clump, the more definition we have. But, as lovely as healthy curl clumps are, they don’t give you volume.

So, we need to gently separate those clumps. Smaller clumps will dry faster and stack your curls on top of one another. Trust us, separating them feels so good. Like, it’s therapeutic. Get back to us after you try it.

Use an oil to minimize frizz. Rub a little between your palms and slowly separate the clumps. It can be olive oil, jojoba oil, Tropicyal Naturals hair sealant, or Righteous Root Oil.

Don’t wig out if you still have some frizz. Creating volume will always create frizz- embrace it!

Miribel Method: We use the Dreamy Hair Cream to separate curl clumps!


The more products you add to your hair, the more it will be weighed down. So, avoid using thick, heavy stylers. If you love a product but find it too heavy, just emulsify! Rub the product in between your hands and dilute it down with water before use. This is especially true for fine hair.

You can also use the bowl method! Now, this method does take a bit longer. But, it’s great if your hair is craving moisture!

Fill a bowl with water and use it to scrunch your products in. That way, you aren’t completely rinsing the product out. It stays diluted because you reuse the same water.

There are several different ways to use the bowl method. Try a few methods out to find what works best for you!


Pulling your hair down against your scalp definitely can reduce volume. Your hair will lay the direction you’re pulling. Flat hair is so not groovy.

The best way to go is up! This is the same concept as applying root clips. Pull your hair up and away from your scalp when raking or combing in your products. That way, you’re causing your hair to lift up.  


Ooh, we’re really channeling the 70’s with this one. It’s so fun and easy to do, too. Find the grooviest of hair picks and have at it!

We recommend going in at your roots, and then slowly raising the pick to lift your roots. Do this all around the crown of your head. For added volume, flip your hair upside down and pick your under layers. You may even want to fluff in-between the bottom layer and crown of your hair.

Remember, the more you fluff and play with your hair, the more frizz you’ll create. Like we said earlier, frizz is not a bad thing. Personally, we like volume over definition, but everyone is different! You may want to figure out the look you’re going for before starting.

Square biz, you’re all set for creating volume! Did you like what you read? Have a question? Know another way tip we didn’t mention? Leave us a comment!


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